A new users guide to eyesight

What is the first thing I remember after my eye surgery?

The sky.

The sky is something you see every day, but I’ll bet you don’t notice it unless there’s a big change.

Consider this.

How many people do we think about and never contact because we need some reason to do so?

You don’t need a reason to reach out to people.

I saw my relationships with myself and others differently after my eyesight was given to me.

Seeing a face often helps us better understand what is being said.

The same applies to faceless people we send our words to.

Personal relationships should stay personal.  Social media can make them impersonal.

We even have something called Facebook and we still seem to forget this.

Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer from Pexels

While many things in life looked different to me after my surgery, theme parks looked exactly the same.

Theme parks are fun; you literally feel the rides and experiences.  You also hear the sounds and smell the food.

Be able to see crowds gave me a sense of the size of the community.

My new vision made learning how to do everyday things revelatory.  Simple things people treat as second nature like how to cook, do laundry or selecting clothes for my career.

I cherished learning some of these basic things that most take for granted.  We should always value learning new things, no matter how routine they seem.

Driving was a very different experience after corrective eye surgery.  I was always a very attentive driver and stayed the same way after my improved vision.  I paid close attention to the world around me through that windshield.

Paying attention is something we all need to do as we’re always surrounded by constant distractions.

After my eye surgery, I was able to travel and see many places for the first time.  That included places I’d been to before.  I was now able to fully appreciate them.

Travel isn’t required to find new and exciting places.  The destinations can be as common as a new restaurant, new store, or the home of a friend you’ve never visited.

You don’t need to take a picture. You need to take the experience.

Olivia Durant wearing sunglasses

People often wear sunglasses as a fashion statement or to project an aura or attitude.  Sometimes people wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, to cloak how they’re feeling since eyes not only see… they tell.

I wear sunglasses for the same reasons everyone else does, but I also appreciate one of their most valued purposes which is to protect my eyes.

Because I don’t take them for granted.