Olivia Durant head and shoulders photo - smiling


You name it, Oni’s done it. And if she hasn’t done it, she will.

The story of Olivia Durant is a fascinating one, inspiring more and more people as they follow the ongoing journey of this fascinating woman.

Like any good story, Olivia’s story is filled with unexpected turns.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Olivia was legally blind from birth and never expected to have her vision restored, but that’s exactly what happened decades later when she was an adult, already accustomed to seeing the world differently than the rest of us, consigned to her uncommon visual perceptions.

Thanks to a surgery… Olivia regained her eyesight, but still sees the world differently.

Olivia was given a second chance to look at not only herself, but the world we live in. And when Olivia casually shared her remarkable story on social media, something else unexpectedly occurred…

The world wanted to hear more.

Olivia Durant is living her life to the fullest, having done everything from being an MMA fighter, gold medal-winning athlete, tech innovator, producer, and keynote speaker. In her spare time, which has become increasingly rare, Olivia is also a horror movie and theme park enthusiast.

You name it, Olivia’s done it. And if she hasn’t done it, she will.

Olivia Durant sees existence with fresh eyes. Given a second chance at life, she appreciates everyday things we often take for granted… and shouldn’t.

Olivia’s journey serves as a reminder how all our lives can change in an instant, sometimes for the better, and one needn’t undergo surgery to reinvent ourselves and experience all the wonderful opportunities and new adventures that exist as close as our fingertips… we’re just not seeing them.

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