Back when I was an MMA Fighter

I grew up legally blind and was bullied. Being blind meant I couldn’t see the people hurting me. I was beaten by faceless attackers.

I never knew why these people hated me. I meant them no harm, but human beings often lash out at anyone, or anything, that is different.

Back then, I was defenseless.

After I got older and with my vision corrected, I joined a karate school. I learned they also taught kickboxing and MMA fighting, but I was told only guys could learn those.

So, I wanted to prove them wrong, signed up and began to train.

The first time I faced off against an opponent… I was afraid to get hit. I was also afraid to hit someone else. After receiving a few punches, also remembering all the beatings I endured growing up, I got over it and fought back… hard.

When I moved away to college, I left fighting behind and pursued other interests, but had proven my point. Any future assailants were no longer faceless to me. I would not be bullied again.

I enjoy watching “Cobra Kai” and saw “The Karate Kid” for the first time not long ago. I agree with the philosophy in the film when Daniel told Mr. Miyagi he wanted to learn to how fight so he wouldn’t have to.