Hire me to Speak

Olivia Durant has proven to be an effective speaker for colleges across the country, corporate events, as well as any groups of people interested in listening to a unique influencer who sees the world differently than the rest of us.

Needless to say, Olivia has also been utilized for private coaching and specialized consultancies.

Olivia is an expert at lifting people up, empowering them to effectively pursue their dreams and improve their lives.

Olivia knows life is an obstacle course, serving as living proof how one human being can run the gauntlet while no one else is cheering them on.

Above all, Olivia Durant is an advocate of kindness. She’s a proponent of changing the world for the better through positive actions and compassion.

Despite all the adversity she’s encountered, Olivia remains an optimist. And that optimism cannot be shaken because it was earned, triumphing over seemingly insurmountable difficulties, serving as a living example of how to beat the odds.

Olivia has come far from a little girl born legally blind. She’s made it her mission to pass along everything she’s learned about resilience and personal power to all those that need it, as well as the importance of never losing your sense of humor.

Olivia Durant has a lot to say, making her the ideal speaker for your event.

Olivia is well versed on a variety of subjects. Her expertise is limitless. The diverse topics can include:

  • Disability Awareness, Being an Ally… Not a Hindrance
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Navigating Social Media

Contact ODurantMgmt@Gmail.com with your timeframe, needs, budget and specifics.