Seeing Columbo

During the pandemic, many people found a new friend in Lt. Columbo. A new generation discovered his TV show thanks to streaming.

I’d make myself pancakes on Sundays and watch him solve mysteries. It was like having breakfast with the great man himself… without the cigar smoke.

Columbo feels like a very real person thanks to the brilliant actor who portrayed him, Peter Falk… but did you know he had disability?

When Peter Falk was three years old, he lost one of his eyes to cancer. He wore a glass eye most of his life.

After his first screen test, the head of a studio rudely told Peter Falk: “For the same price, I can get an actor with two eyes.”

Peter Falk was dogged, intrepid and not to be underestimated… just like Lt. Columbo.

After his failed screen test, Peter Falk worked harder, became a great actor, received two Oscar nominations and eventually achieved legendary status as TV’s most famous sleuth.

COLUMBO, Peter Falk, 1971-93

If you didn’t know Peter Falk had a disability, that’s because he wasn’t defined by it nor let it stop him… and proved a studio chief wrong by becoming a better actor than most performers with two eyes.